How to improve your loading time for our website!
[LEAD] Teddy 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 15th Feb 2015
Hey everyone,
Today I've tried to track down the problems I and also some of our other members had with our website. Loading times have sometimes, for some of us, been quite high even though they weren't supposed to be.

I've talked to James from iClanHosting and he tried to help me out, but the website itself should be pretty fast for all of us. To be precise, it should load with above average speed compared to most other websites, but didn't.

After fooling around for what felt like hours, I tried to switch off my adblockers for Previously, loading time of our website was more than 10 seconds for me, which is pretty damn much.
Now, it loads up instantly. So for me, the adblockers were the problem.

As you probably know, there is no ads whatsoever on - so I'd recommend that everyone of you who's using an adblocker adds to its whitelist.

Best regards,
Apeiros Leadership.

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