Squad Server!
[LEAD] Teddy 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Nov 2016
Howdy folks,

Thanks to the glorious Mr. Haschek a.k.a. geek we just got our own Squad server! The ingame server browser in that game still is a bit iffy so go ahead and use the following webiste to find our server (Apeiros Squad):

playsquad.xyz Apeiros Server

Accompanying these news is the addition of two Squad channels to our TS server. You can find the above link in the description of these channels, too.

I hope some of you guys will want to join us for this game! As a reminder, Squad is still 50% off on Steam for a few hours!
If you missed the Steam offer and still want to get the game, contact us and we'll try to help you find a good deal for it.

Apeiros Leadership out *mic drop*

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