Two ArmA III servers!
[LEAD] Teddy 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 19th May 2015
Hey folks,

We recently recieved a SECOND Arma 3 server (the first one went back online only recently!) and now have the honour to govern TWO 64 slot servers!

One server is for Apeiros-SOAR operation and runs with a modset. The other, however runs without any mods at all. The mission you can currently play on it is Wasteland Stratis. Help us populate it so we can get some stuff going and recruit new members for Apeiros and the A-SOAR!

For more information, turn to Michael (BlacKZoNex) .

Best regards!

20th May 2015 [PHLX] geek
Wasteland Stratis with character save :D
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