Important changes to the A-SOAR
[LEAD] Teddy 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 27th Jan 2015
On the 26th of January '15 we have decided to enforce developement and action of the A-SOAR.
Changes are as following:

  • All ArmA ribbons have been revoked and deleted
  • An A-SOAR Basic Training application has been added
  • Basic Training has to be completed in order to partake at official A-SOAR operations
  • A ribbon (Rifleman) has been added to mark members who have completed Basic Training
  • An A-SOAR Advanced Drills application has been added
  • By applying, one Advanced Drill at a time can be chosen to recieve schooling for advanced combat roles in A-SOAR operations
  • Complementary ribbons will be created

We encourage all members of the A-SOAR to sign up!

Additionally, the list of A-SOAR members will soon be cleaned. You will need to sign up for Basic Training to make sure that your name is not deleted from the list.


Veterans of the A-SOAR will not always have to go through Basic Training, but will need to sign up for it!

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