TeamSpeak Outage
[LEAD] Teddy 7 Comments · Likes · Like · 2nd Sep 2014
Our TeamSpeak server is currently down. The issue is being investigated and a fix is on the way.

3rd Sep 2014 [LEAD] Teddy
It's back up!
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2nd Sep 2014 [LEAD] Teddy
No idea what takes them so long :(
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2nd Sep 2014 [APEI] Fyrø
ts wird ja in beamtengeschwindigkeit gefixxt :´D
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2nd Sep 2014 [APEI] AndRo
2nd Sep 2014 TheDarkOllum
Seems like there is a course on this server-.-

2nd Sep 2014 [LEAD] BlacKZoNex
again -__-
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