Ice Bucket Challenge
[LEAD] Teddy 7 Comments · Likes · Like · 26th Aug 2014
Due to a precedent which recently occured to our community, all ways to redistribute the so-called "Ice Bucket Challenge" amongst the latter is now forbidden by leadership ruling.

Punishment for offence of this rule is to be decided by the affected admin or leader and may go as far as kicking the violator from our community.

28th Aug 2014 [ADMN] Dotorius/Max
"Saved" Ditte wut
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28th Aug 2014 [APEI] AndRo
Rip in pieces alisa?
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28th Aug 2014 [APEI] AndRo
I got nominated by my 8 year old cousin. Praise Teddy<3
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28th Aug 2014 [APEI] Fyrø
27th Aug 2014 [PHLX] Ditte
saved >_>
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27th Aug 2014 [ADMN] Dotorius/Max
27th Aug 2014 [PHLX] VÆxXy
+1 Like this Idea
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