New website design
[LEAD] Teddy 12 Comments · Likes · Like · 15th Jan 2014
We got a new website design!
Even though it isn't complete yet - the banner is a place holder - we would like to know what you think about it. Post your feedback in the comment section below!

13th Feb 2014 [APEI] AndRo
11th Feb 2014 [LEAD] Teddy
luv you endr'oh
7th Feb 2014 [APEI] AndRo
K so we started playing Eso Catch up :D
28th Jan 2014 [LEAD] Teddy
*Design has been updated: Two columns instead of three, less panels.
22nd Jan 2014 [APEI] The_Moviemonster
I like it! <3
20th Jan 2014 Jailbreaker
17th Jan 2014 [PHLX] V1roZ
Nice design.. I like it.
15th Jan 2014 [LEAD] BlacKZoNex
ted i want to make some badges and ribbons for good work for example in arma "Combat Medic" or something like this and the calendar/events box is now working ^^
15th Jan 2014 Leon
much wow
15th Jan 2014 Kingpin
This Design is so Wow
15th Jan 2014 [APEI] Th3B34TzZzz
I think this is a nice new design. ^^
15th Jan 2014 [ADMN] Dotorius/Max
its beautiful.
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