DayZ Standalone is out
[LEAD] BlacKZoNex 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 16th Dec 2013

Guys the DayZ Standalone is Out !!!

20th Dec 2013 [ADMN] Dotorius/Max
or: maybe save some money and buy it now while it's still relatively cheap \o/

cause later when the beta will be released or the full game it's most likely to get more expensive (just as it was with arma 3)
17th Dec 2013 [LEAD] BlacKZoNex
17th Dec 2013 [LEAD] Teddy
It's the alpha and it seems to be bug-riddled like nothing else I've ever heard before (yes, even worse than BF4). Reports about it sound pretty ... let's just use bad to sound neutral.

My advice: Don't waste money on the alpha and wait for them to fix the bugs!
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