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18th Oct 2013

Hello there,
As many of you might have already seen, we now have panels for donations and and team pay. Donations generally are meant for finacing our server(s), team pay exclusivley serves this very website and our teamspeak server.

While any amount donated will be transferred to a paypal account administrated by me, the money you spend for team pay will directly be transferred to iClanhosting - so if you don't trust me, but you want to support the clan, this is the way to go.

We will soon depend on donations - or expressed differently, we will soon very much depend on YOU.
We want to set up BF4 servers and servers for other games for this community - for us to play on them, for us to password protect them sometimes, have training and matches and for others to hear about our clan and possibly join us. A public server is both advertisement and fun for us.
But a public server also costs around 1€ per slot.

In the Welcome Message on the Home Screen you can see which servers we are currently running and which servers we want to be running in the near future.
For the past weeks/months, Guru and me were paying all clan infrastructure on our own, but owning bigger or multiple servers is too expensive for us to pay for alone.

For donating for this cause you will be granted admin rights both on Teamspeak and on our servers, which means the right to nuke teams (we are paying for the RconNet server overlay aswell!), kick players, move players and so on. The duration of time in which you will be granted admin rights depends on the amount of money donated.
Donating money to this website via Team Pay will first of all grant you admin rights on Teamspeak. Again, if you donate more, you will be admin for a longer time. In this case, you can also be granted admin rights on our game servers if you're generous.

The admin period granted for a certain amount of money has not yet been defined - this will soon happen, and I will try to talk to all of you to make sure everyone is happy with the result.

The amount of servers we will be running obviously depends on the amount of money donated. The first server to come will be a BF4 server. If you are interested in servers for other games, open a topic on the forums or talk to either O_oGuru or me.


Same rules apply.

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