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6th May 2014

Serverowner is BlacKZoNex aka. Shino. The Server is hosted by Nitrado. Advanced hardware for FPS improvements.
Server is in an early state !! You have been warned !!

Server IP:
Apeiros DayZ Epoch [EMS | SelfBB | AI] (v1.0.4.2/build 103718) [Veteran|3DP ON|CH ON][GMT+1]
Daily Restarts at | 0:00 am | 6:00 am | 12:00 pm | 06:00 pm |

  • [ADDED] BTR90 HQ ride in back option. @Fank
  • [ADDED] Version check for dayz.pbo. @Skaronator
  • [ADDED] Updated dayZ Lighting by Axeman disabled by default, uncomment line in init.sqf to enable. @andgregor
  • [ADDED] Added upgrade in place option for stairs with railings. @Sequisha @vbawol
  • [FIXED] Fix server startup issues when using "CA folder fix" on some A2 and A2 free installs. @icomrade
  • [FIXED] Geomety of wood walls changed to fix players phasing though the wood walls. @Sequisha
  • [FIXED] Completed trade counter was incorrectly returning output count instead of actual number of trades. @vbawol
  • [FIXED] Incremental water bottle had a typo in the picture path. fixes: @vbawol
  • [FIXED] second attempt at fixing <NULL> kill messages from vehicles. @icomrade
  • [FIXED] remove setdamage 0 on godmode/indestructible base objects so they can be maintained. @vbawol
  • [FIXED] Fixed error in expression when removing buildings. @Fank
  • [FIXED] Was possible to fill a mixed gas with an empty jerry can. @Fank
  • [FIXED] Fixed undefined variables s_player_tamedog and dayz_myLiftVehicle. @Fank @vbawol
  • [FIXED] Typo in server_traders.sqf for Napf, Sauerland, and panthera. @vbawol
  • [REMOVED] Old Towngenerator Config. @Skaronator
  • [INFO] Models/textures by Paul Tomany. @Sequisha.
  • [INFO] Special thanks to for hosting our development server.

  • [NEW] Base Building Godmode is now included. Use DZE_GodModeBase = true; to enable it. (Disabled by Default) @Skaronator
  • [NEW] Config based trader setup option that is more performant, however does not track inventory. DZE_ConfigTrader = true; and #include "\dayz_epoch_b\CfgServerTrader\cfgServerTrader.hpp" in description.ext @Fank @Skaronator @vbawol
  • [ADDED] Static build construction count will force the constructioncount to number set by DZE_StaticConstructionCount = # in init.sqf. @Fank
  • [ADDED] Stacking of 10oz silver bars into briefcases, also traders now give this as change if return is 2-9 10oz silver bars. @vbawol
  • [ADDED] Variable DZE_DamageBeforeMaint to control what damage level is needed for the maintain option to appear. @vbawol
  • [ADDED] Keep safe/lockbox vars server side. This should help with performance. @maca134 @Skaronator
  • [ADDED] Added SQL Function DeleteNonKeyVehicles run before server start and SQL event UnlockNonKeyVehicles run once a day. Use one or the other not both. @maca134 @Fank
  • [ADDED] Option to disable R3F weight system. DZE_R3F_WEIGHT = false in init.sqf to disable. @vbawol
  • [ADDED] Added to heli crash code, Blackhawk and Seahawk Wrecks by * [GLT]Myke
  • [ADDED] Added following Config Classes: M113_UN_EP1_DZ M113_UN_EP1_DZE M113_TK_EP1_DZ M113_TK_EP1_DZE BTR90_DZ BTR90_DZE BTR90_HQ_DZ BTR90_HQ_DZE LAV25_DZ LAV25_DZE LAV25_HQ_DZ LAV25_HQ_DZE @Fank
  • [FIXED] Fix init errors, improve antihack. @icomrade
  • [FIXED] Add missing sensor for aircraft dealer on Napf. @JoSchaap
  • [FIXED] Traders now give ItemTinBar in exchange for TrashJackDaniels. @vbawol
  • [FIXED] M107 zeroing was stuck at 500m now set to default settings. @vbawol
  • [FIXED] DZE_DamageBeforeMaint = 0.09 by default should fix issues with maintain option not working when damage is set to 0.1 with SQL event. @vbawol
  • [FIXED] Fix for Death Messages <NULL> when attacker is in vehicle. @icomrade @vbawol
  • [FIXED] Added missing DZE fueltracks to DZE_fueltrackarray. @Fank
  • [FIXED] Fix AI from being counted as zeds. @jwo7777777
  • [FIXED] Issue with Scaffolding being too close and killing player. @Fank
  • [FIXED] Stuck in infinite trading loop when item is out of stock. @vbawol
  • [FIXED] Fixed backpack disappearing issue. @vbawol
  • [FIXED] Some fixes and optimizing to PVS/PVC system to only send to other players nearby. @vbawol
  • [FIXED] Bleeding was not visible to other players due to typo in new PVS/PVC system. @vbawol
  • [FIXED] Re-classed Land_Ind_Pec_03b to fix ladder errors in log file. @vbawol
  • [FIXED] Issue that prevented the server from starting. @Skaronator
  • [FIXED] Some typos in the loot table. @Skaronator
  • [FIXED] DZE_MissionLootTable - Some things are missing. @vbawol @Skaronator
  • [FIXED] General cleanup and fixes. @Fank @Skaronator @icomrade @vbawol
  • [CHANGED] Selling vehicle will now remove the key if you have it on your toolbelt. @Fank
  • [CHANGED] R3F weight now in Kg for every language except english. @VeryBigBro
  • [CHANGED] Increased trader prices for Armed vehicles and pipebombs. @vbawol
  • [CHANGED] Added BAF_Merlin_DZE and MH60S_DZE to traders. @vbawol
  • [REMOVED] Trade metals option removed from self actions as it should no longer be needed with new trader code. @vbawol
  • [INFO] Re-added old trader code for backwards compatibility. @vbawol
  • [INFO] Moved binaries to root of server files and wrote up basic install upgrade guide. @vbawol
  • [INFO] Models/textures by Paul Tomany. @Sequisha.
  • [INFO] Special thanks to for hosting our development server.

DayZ Epoch Features: 
  • Modular Building System
  • Crafting System
  • Multi Map Support
  • Lightning System
  • Currency System
  • Smelting System
  • Fishing
  • Tree Cutting System
  • Plant Harvesting
  • Tag Friendly Players
  • Kill Message Board
  • Traders
  • Dynamic Vehicle Spawns
  • Vehicle Ownership
  • Salvage Parts
  • Fueling Options
  • Custom Items
  • Backpacks
  • Wearable Clothing
  • Infected Player

Custom Features:
  • Remote Messages
  • Custom edited EMS (Epoch Mission System)(~28 Missions)
  • R3F Logistics
  • SelfBB
  • 4 Custom Missions (Military, Treasure, SypplyItems, Construction)
  • AntiHack Tools

Custom Bikeys:
  • CBA_OA
  • JSRS

Work in progress:
  • Custom map
  • Admin Tradingpost with none Epoch Stuff ?
  • Apeiros Watermark
  • Take clothes function
  • Safe zones

If you want some Custom Scripts pm me. Feedback is much appreciated ! Only 12 Slots at the moment. I upgrade it if more people want to play Epoch on our Server.
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Last Edit: 10th May 2014 by BlacKZoNex
Joined: 12th Aug 2013
Rank: Leader of Apeiros
Likes 159
8th May 2014

Changelog 1 | 08.05.2014
  • [EDITED] Safezones
  • [EDITED] Traders
  • [EDITED] some other files
  • [ADDED] Autorefuel
  • [ADDED] SelfBB right click function
Hotfix 1
  • [FIXED] SelfBB

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Last Edit: 12th May 2014 by BlacKZoNex
Joined: 12th Aug 2013
Rank: Leader of Apeiros
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10th May 2014

Changelog 2 | 10.05.2014
  • [EDITED] Safezones
  • [EDITED] AutoRefuel
  • [EDITED] BEC Sheduler
  • [EDITED] R3F Logistics (added more vehicles)
  • [ADDED] Watermark (finally working)
  • [ADDED] Welcome Message with Credits
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Last Edit: 10th May 2014 by BlacKZoNex
Joined: 12th Aug 2013
Rank: Leader of Apeiros
Likes 159
12th May 2014

Changelog 3 | 12.05.201

new custom dayz_server.pbo and dayz_private_1.epoch.chernarus.pbo

  • [NEW] new EMS 0.30 (before 0.26)
  • [NEW] Zone Alpha
  • [ADDED] Zone Alpha loot
  • [ADDED] Zone Alpha AI
  • [FIXED] infiStar Antihack
  • [FIXED] BEC Filter
  • [FIXED] BEC Sheduler (only test messages at the moment)
  • [EDITED] Welcome Message and Credits
  • [EDITED] DZAI | No dynamic Spawn | 3 Land Patrols (UAZ) | 2 Heli patrols (UH-H1&MI-17)
  • [TWEAKED] EMS Ammo boxes (too high military Loot) (DMR with magazines added to table)

Zone Alpha



Last Edit: 14th May 2014 by BlacKZoNex
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