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21st Feb 2015

Me and Spidi50 were working together to try to make a CS:GO team for Apeiros. Well, even though me and Spidi really didn't make any progress because of the 6 hour timezone difference. If you are interested in joining the team just put a comment, and add me on steam. My steam is   GhostFeathers. Oh and I do not know German, because I am not from Germany. So please write in English to me 

I joined Apeiros to be apart of a CS:GO team. I really like Apeiros,but if there isn't any team for CS:GO I might have to leave. I really like this community and I don't want to just leave it. So if anyone out there plays CS:GO or if you know anyone who plays CS:GO ask them if they're interested in joining a team.

--->   My Twitch <--- Follow my twitch channel please! 

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21st Feb 2015

I want to play with you but i was for long time inactive... so my old skill is gone :C Add me in steam if you want: Ragnar
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