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16th Feb 2017

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Operation Lancer

Era: Cold War Forcetype: Integrated German/British mechanised company.
Attachments: BAOR Tank troop, American Parajumper team.

Operation Start: 06:30 Current Weather: Dry, light fog, light overcast. Future Weather: Dry, light fog, light overcast.
Map: Celle 2

Conflict Overview
1972, following the Soviet invasion British forces successfully destroyed multiple bridges over the river Aller, halting the Soviet advance. With the Soviet shock armies now stuck, bogged down in Germany, SHAPE has designated a 3-pronged counter-attack into Eastern-Europe to pin down, isolate, and destroy these armies. While a naval mission and landing captures the vital port of Gdansk in Western-Poland, land forces will move into Czechoslovakia and Hungary due to the relative light defences there.
While these assaults will hopefully cut off the Soviet armies from their homeland, a counter-assault directly through Germany should pin down these armies and destroy them.

Recent Events
A platoon of British soldiers from the BAOR successfully managed to destroyed the last bridges over the Aller while evacuating some of citizens from the area. Soviet forces on the other side have now dug themselves into deep defensive networks. The town of Bergen serves as a major logistical hub between the first and second Soviet lines of defence. A British airborne taskforce was sent in under the cover of night to capture and hold the town in preparation of our mechanised assault but unfortunately has failed. It is now the job of the mechanised forces to break through the Soviet defensive lines north of the River Aller as well as capture the town of Bergen, eliminating all Soviet troops in between. The town of Bergen, though assaulted and held for a while by British troops, has likely been reinforced by Soviet mechanised forces now. The town still has its own defensive fortifications.

Objective 1: Penetrate the first defensive line.
Objective 2: Seize Bergen and secure it for the Allied troops.
Objective 3: Penetrate the second defensive line.
Secondary Objective 1: Clear the Soviet garrison at Meissendorf.
Secondary Objective 2: Clear the Soviet garrison at Wolthausen.
Secondary Objective 3: Clear the Soviet garrison at Walle.
Secondary Objective 4: Clear the Soviet garrison at Offen.

Situation OPFOR:
Weapons: AK74, PKM, RPK, RPG-7, PMM, GP-25.
Uniform: Berezka Flora Camouflage, turtle helmet.
Vehicles: Ural trucks, UAZ’s, BRDM-2, BMP-1, BTR-60, T-55, T-62, T-64.

Situation Civilians:
Population: 0.

Allegiance: N/a.

Same rules apply.

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