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12th May 2015

I just filled out application 'Apeiros Recruitment Application'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Origin Account =
Origin Name =
Link to Battlelog Profile =
Headset and Microphone = Checked
How active are you going to be? = 5 days per week, 4h per day.
Which languages do you speak? = German, English.
Which games do you play? = Aion, WoW, Killing Floor
Interested in competitive gaming =
Which game(s) do you want to play competitively? =
Played competitive before =
Link to ESL Profile =
Application and reason = I don't know... I like the blue 'A'. Blue is a wonderful colour. It's amazing, you know? Just awesome. (and the members... they are fluffy as hell) Kingpin aka Danny (or Dannybert) invited me.
BF Team =
A-SOAR (Apeiros Special Operations Aviation Regiment / ArmA-Team) =
E-LoL =
Team Axios =
Unique Teamspeak ID =


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12th May 2015

Juden tach

Same rules apply.

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