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18th Oct 2014

I just filled out application 'Apeiros Recruitment Application'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Origin Account =
Origin Name =
Link to Battlelog Profile =
Headset and Microphone = Checked
How active are you going to be? = As active as I'll need to be
Which languages do you speak? = English
Which games do you play? = Guild Wars 2, CS:GO, LoL, GMod, TF2, 7 Days To Die
Interested in competitive gaming =
Which game(s) do you want to play competitively? =
Played competitive before =
Link to ESL Profile =
Application and reason = Hi there! I'm just a silly old guitar player/gamer looking for a bit of online banter! I'm not really a competitive guy, except some inner clan fun. I'll play anything (if the great (and at the same time weak) powers of my laptop allow it). I already know an awesome member of your clan called V3xXy (who is incredibly S3xXy ;-D). I like Daft Punk, Dogs and Vanilla Coke (seriously it's the elixir of the Gods) Hope to speak to you guys soon! T-Fez
BF Team =
A-SOAR (Apeiros Special Operations Aviation Regiment / ArmA-Team) =
E-LoL =
Team Axios =
Unique Teamspeak ID = T-Fez
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20th Oct 2014

Hello btw <3
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Same rules apply.

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