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12th Jun 2014

I just filled out application 'Apeiros Recruitment Application'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Origin Account = Checked
Origin Name = MisterSchnuffel
Link to Battlelog Profile =
Headset and Microphone = Checked
How active are you going to be? = almost every day for ca. 2 hours, but not always
Which languages do you speak? = English, German
Which games do you play? = Dota 2, CSGO (not THAT good), Gmod, BF3
Interested in competitive gaming =
Which game(s) do you want to play competitively? =
Played competitive before =
Link to ESL Profile =
Application and reason = Ich habe hier schon gelegentlich mit ein paar Leuten gespielt und finde alle sehr amüsant und denke das ich selbst, trotz meiner nicht vorhandenen CS skills, eventuell dazupassen würde.
BF Team =
A-SOAR (Apeiros Special Operations Aviation Regiment / ArmA-Team) =
E-LoL =
Team Axios =
Unique Teamspeak ID = I1lzkROrp+RvJq6K0lVTSzrvkT0=
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