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21st Feb 2016

I just filled out application 'Apeiros Recruitment Application'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Headset and Microphone = Checked
How active are you going to be? = Student
Which languages do you speak? = German, English
Which games do you play? = Black Desert, Blade and Soul, Rocket League, Rust
Interested in competitive gaming =
Which game(s) do you want to play competitively? =
Played competitive before =
Application and reason = Need a guild in Black Desert for gameplay reasons and want a friendly and family like one. Invited by Artjom
A-SOAR (Apeiros Special Operations Aviation Regiment / ArmA-Team) =
Unique Teamspeak ID = VRo5B0QG2Ss1K99j9N4Qh7JTizo=
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